Group Fundraisers

Fundraising Made Easy!

Hassle Free! We do all the work and supply the selling materials!

The Pasty Oven Fundraiser Kit


What you need to do:

  • Decide how much money your group would like to raise.
  • Decide on how long your group would like to sell pastys.
  • Decide when your group would like to start the fundraiser.


Call us with the above information and we will provide all the paperwork you need to make fundraising easy! We have a simple packet for you to take to your group; which explains
how a Pasty Oven fundraiser works. After your group decides, a printable menu and sell sheet will be provided for your group to use to sell. At the end of your sale, place your
order with us and we will confirm your group’s delivery date. This is all easily arranged and can be carried out within a two week period.

This is all done with pre-sales so you have no waste.

For more information, call our main office at 906-774-2328.

Contact us to get your kit and to find out how to make your Fundraising Drive easy!